Saturday, 4 February 2012

The flight

The first idea I got from India was still in Toronto, when my plane was 10 hours delayed. It worked out for me this day though, so I have no complains :)
I can't believe how much luggage they carry, it took me 5 minutes to wait at security to x-ray hand luggage of only 2 people! I'm telling you, the plane must have more capacity for luggage than for people :)
I've heard from somebody that Air India is a good company. I'm not sure if they flew American Airways before that, so in comparison it was good ... but no, not so much :)
The service was barely existent, I pressed a button for assistance, found out an answer by myself, and forgot to turn it off. I think I must have noticed it an hour later that it was still on. I hope the pilots know what different lights mean more than the flight attendants!
Touch screen didn't work, so I had to use the remote. Sometimes it would take me 4 times to select something with long waits in between, cause I didn't know if it was loading or not responding! I selected the language English as a first option, then movies. I open a movie, and I get language selection French and German. Thanks for remembering my preferences! New movies didn't work at all, so I was watching classical movies. There were only 2 TV - Comedy shows. One was an episode of friends, and the other one was the life of Steve Jobs, I watched 5 minutes of it, but didn't find it very funny :)
The food was ok, Indian but edible :) If the food will be like that during the trip, I might actually survive! :) The dessert was some yellow liquid thing with small noodles that looked like moving. I was scared it would crawl off my spoon when I picked it up :)
I don't even know how to start describing Indian women. I looked around in surprise trying to understand who in the right mind married them, didn't find an answer, but then I guess they have arranged marriages in India, so they really don't have to try.
They're completely hopeless! I had a mother and a daughter sitting beside me. The mother asked the daughter like 10 questions every minute. How do I select the language, how do I move the sit back, gave her all the garbage, couldn't find a remote that was connected with a half meter cord from its base, complained all the way about every little thing. When we were about to exit, the daughter took the entire luggage, her moms hand bag, pillow, and then told her to give her the passports. So pretty much the mom didn't carry anything at all! I also noticed a huge a** ring on her finger, so I guess they have money to hire help as well. Why would they even do anything on their own? I would've loved to send her to South America or Africa where actually men don't do anything, in hopes that she'll be able to open a pack of sugar and peanuts by the end of the trip!
When I was getting out of the seat into the isle when we were getting off, people were pushing me and not letting me out. Before me a mother and a daughter came out, and I gave space for the father to come out too, he really thanked me for that! Like I'm gonna fight with him and separate him from his family! I had a smirk noticing all that, and I'm thinking, if that happens in the plane where people should be even a little bit civilized, what will happen on the streets? Have to get my immunity to bullshit pretty quick, otherwise I don't know how I'll get anywhere!
I was greeted with a "Welcome to India" sign with heavily armed police officers sitting right beneath it. Thanks for the warm welcome :)
In the passport control, I guess the flight didn't register in the computer yet, so I waited pretty long time in silence without anybody telling me what's wrong. They were chatting and laughing between themselves with complete ignorance towards me. While I was waiting at the counter, there were 2 people who went to the same clerk and hand her their passports!!! while I was there! And I thought I was impatient. Although I'm not sure I will call it impatience, I think its more lack of manners and disrespect!
I waited for my suitcase for about an hour. Mind you that after an hour, neither the amount of suitcases, nor the people became smaller! They're like turtles, carry everything they own with them!
While I was waiting near the belt, some dude came near me, hit my leg with the trolley and told me to move, cause he wanted to wait where I'm waiting. No please, no thanks, I don't think these words are existent in here! I'll have to check that out. Then while I was waiting in a very close proximity to the belt, I was chatting with another backpacker, and a few minutes later noticed that there were already 2 guys right in front of me! How did they get there? I think I understand their logic now. You want something, you go get it, and don't give a **** about anybody else! I think I can handle that :)
I had to make a phone call to the hostel to pick me up. I go to the information desk to ask where I can make a phone call, and where to take money out. He points me to the phone, and says that it will have a bill come out of it that will say how much the call was. I ask him how to pay for it, and he answered me "with money". Good answer! Um ... ok. Who do I pay the money to? Oh, so there is a person working there that helps around, I see. Now I tell him that I don't have money on me, and he tells me to go exchange it, I tell him that I have no money to exchange. He looks at me, and asks me "Then how can I help you?" :) Ok .... I thought about it for a bit, and reorganized the question for him, so that the actions will be in order, and that hopefully it will make sense to him.
"I need to take money out of the bank and THEN to make a phone call". This one he actually got ! Ok, so the bank is outside, and the phone is near the bank. Halleluiah !! It worked! :)
While we were driving to the hostel, the driver didn't say a word, not like in South America where they won't give you a second to yourself. I didn't even know if a guy knows English! The driving is crazy as usual, pretty much the rules are "there are no rules". He was going in the middle of two lanes most of the time. There was a divider between directions, so some car was going in the opposite direction (on the highway!) just because it didn't want to go forward and make a U-turn! There was an exit on the right side, and about 20 meters later an exit on the left side, so the cars went from the right exit to left exit, pretty much crossing a 4 lane highway horizontally without any signs and nobody else slowing down!
That was an interesting experience!

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