Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ko Samet & Ayuthaya

This blog has some harsh opinions, I apologize in advance if I offend someone, and as well I'd like to hear your opinions on the subject :)

On the bus to Ko Samet I watched a mixed couple, he was about 70+ and was barely walking, she was probably in her 40s. It makes me sad looking at that. Some couples have even greater age difference. In my opinion men who get younger wives are selfish, or ok if you got married earlier, but now that you can barely walk, go to a retirement home and give your wife a chance to live!
I took a tuk-tuk to some guesthouse, but it was too expensive. I asked the owner where I can find cheaper guesthouses, and he said he doesn't know. I ask him, you live here all your life and you don't know??!! That guesthouse had a very nice restaurant, but I never went there, don't like liars. I'm not gonna stay at his guesthouse anyway, why not do a person a favour. Thank god someone overheard me and pointed me to a guesthouse just 100 meters from that one.
The beach was very nice, white sand, wide and long, although the pictures are not that great, and when I took the them it got a little bit stormy ... oh well. The beach is always getting cleaned and is in a superb condition. The sellers are just walking by showing their products without bothering anybody, and I can finally relax :)
Everything is nice except that there aren't many people and all the people who are there are 20. Each bar at night playing loud music, there are lasers, advertisements for cheap drinks and games "there is a party going on!" I'm thinking excitedly when I hear the loud music, but I walk from bar to bar, and there is not even 1 person in them, just groups of people doing exactly what I'm doing, walking from one bar to the next, but not getting into any one. There isn't much to do, and it's good that I had my 1000 pages Shantaram book to finish. I sat on the lounge chair, sipping cocktails and reading an interesting book, not too bad :)
Next day I rented a bike to ride around the island. A few minutes later I realized that they shouldn't rent bikes on that island, ATVs ok, bikes no, it's suicidal. The island is a hill and the roads are unpaved. There are many roads that are steep up and down with small stones, big stones, & dry rivers running though them. Every time I came to one I thought that I'm not going to make it. I have to plan my route before conquering the hill, and if something going wrong along the way, there is no stopping. If I'll stop the bike will simply fall, you just have to keep giving it more gas. After seeing a few beaches, I made up my mind that the beach I'm staying on is the best, and even though I only saw half the island, I decided that I had enough adrenaline rush for today and headed back. I always rode bikes on a good road, and was always very careful when there was some gravel or a bit of unfinished road, but what am I talking about, you can take this bike to the jungle or to the moon, to the most off road place ever, and it will listen to you like your most beloved dog :)
Next day I had breakfast and I got tired of being on my own. That's it, I'm gonna find someone to talk to today I decided. I looked around and I saw one guy sitting by himself. I don't usually have problems starting conversations, just ask something, the time, directions, is the food good, anything at all, but here there was nothing to grab onto, so it was pretty much going to be "can I join you?". I started to feel nervous, I've never done that before, and my stomach was full of flapping butterflies. I didn't like that feeling at all, and started analyzing it. Why am I nervous? Because I don't know his reaction. Ok ... what is it about his reaction that I'm nervous about? I guess if he'll say "no". Why do I care if he'll say "no"? I really don't care. I don't know him, I'll never see him again, and my self esteem is higher than that anyway. I got up to approach him and then I saw a ring on his wedding finger and decided against that idea. I don't know what kind of a jealous wife could be hiding in the bushes :)
I guess some other guy got tired of being by himself as well when I saw him sitting on the table next to me. Soon we started talking and spent the day together. He's a psychologist. In the evening we went to a bar with a dance floor, the music was good, and even though there weren't too many people, that didn't stop me from dancing alone in the middle of the dance floor till the others joined in :) While dancing I was watching the following scene unfold. There was a guy and a girl talking in a bar, she didn't seem too impressed but nevertheless was sitting and pretending to enjoy the chat. Then some other more engaging guy came and pretty much stole her away. These 2 guys then pretended to be friends, giving high fives to each other and laughing only to have "I'm gonna kill you" look on the face when the other turned around. Some time went by and a girl was dancing with the 2nd guy (he's not doing anything), they dance some more, she's already rubbing herself all over him (he's still not doing anything, just standing there with a stupid smile and the arms by his side). Then they'll separate, and I'll watch him walking around looking for her, when he found her, he pretended that he was just randomly passing by. She's more and more and more on him, and he's still standing there dumbfounded. It's clearly a green light!! What's going on?? I remember how if I liked guys, they wouldn't do anything. it's like, it's shining bright green ... no .. they need some time, hours, days, weeks just to make sure it's green, but by that time it might not shine anymore. I was worried that they're not interested, but now I understand that it was a fear, a fear of rejection. I have to change some rules here. Not only do they fear to make the first step, they fear to make the second step. Why does he wait 3, 4 days to contact her? So that she wouldn't think that he's desperate, that he has a life besides her? What's wrong with a guy liking a girl and what's up with the rules? The girl worries meanwhile, what's happening, what went wrong, did he lose my number, did he meet someone new, was it just a bar fling? She talks to her friends, she can't sleep, and meanwhile he's playing these games. From now on if a guy texts me 3 days later, he'll lose his chance, that kind of behaviour should not be encouraged! If you have balls then do something about it, if you don't, get castrated, since you obviously have no use for them!
Meanwhile this guy I'm with is getting more and more drinks, and by the end asks me if I like him. I told him that it's time for me to go back to my guesthouse. What is he thinking? He took a piece of gum for himself and didn't offer me any, he didn't offer me any drinks. Most of the time while I was dancing, he spent talking to these 2 girls in the bar. Like him for what? For pretty eyes? You're a psychologist, figure it out!
My bungalow had a mosquito net, but I guess I was not careful enough with it and while I was sleeping I could feel the mosquitoes biting me, at the end I got tired, got up and turned on the light. There must have been at least 20 mosquitoes inside the net, they had nowhere to escape, and it was a bloody battle until I killed them all, there was so much blood on my hands I could've donated it.
I left Ko Samet on quite an early boat, just off the boat, there was a ticket counter to buy bus tickets. Thailand is a place where things make sense! I just missed the bus by 2 minutes and had to wait an hour for the next one. When it stopped at the terminal, there was no bus going to where I needed to go. There are 4 bus terminals in Bangkok, South, East, West and North, each servicing buses going in respective directions so they won't have to go through the traffic of the city. I had to go to the north terminal. I took a long BTS train, and the terminal was not on the station ... bummer! I took a taxi, and told him to hurry up cause I had only 15 minutes till the last bus, traffic didn't help at all! 5 minutes before 6pm I run into the terminal looking for agents with Ayuthaya name on it. They tell me the bus has already left, I tell them no, it leaves at 6! They talk to figure out if there are more buses and assign me to some guy who rushes me through the huge terminal to the right bus. 1 minute before 6, I made it! :)
Hotels and guesthouses in Thailand cost more than in India but oh so worth it. They're sparkling clean, usually a nice decor, nice stuff. I guess you get what you pay for. Though I think Brazil has the best hostels, but no wonder, they cost about $25/night!
Even though I like Thai food, I just can't have it all the time, so I ordered a burger with french fries in a restaurant. Some guy told me that I'm so Canadian! No way, in Canada I never order burgers :)
In the morning I cannot wake up, and I barely crawl from the bed at 9. I rented a bicycle to see the temples. (LP) Ayuthaya was one of the most dazzling and dynamic cities in Asia. Between 1350 and 1767 it was the capital of Siam. As a major trading port during the time of the trade winds, international merchants visited and were left in awe of the hundreds of glittering temples and treasure-laden palaces. At one point the empire ruled over an area larger than England and France combined. Ayuthaya had 33 kings who engaged in more than 70 wars during the 416 year period. The last of the empire's battles was in 1767 when an invading Burmese army sacked the city, looting most of its treasures. What was left continued to crumble until major restoration work began. In 1991 Ayuthaya's ruins were designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Cycling is great in Thailand cause it's so flat, though it's very hot. The map wasn't too good, it missed a lot of small streets, and I never knew where I was, but I still managed to find everything :) Some temples are nice, there are a lot of Buddhas, but most of them lost their heads.
I went to one temple which was active. The Thais love to put golden leafs on their Buddhas, it doesn't look too pretty to me, but I guess it gives temples the money to support itself. Then they chanted and threw long orange material from a big Buddha and people covered themselves underneath it for luck.
When I left Ayuthaya for the train station, I had to walk for a bit and cross the river on a boat. My suitcase was picked up to the boat, from the boat, up the stairs by different people without me even asking for help. So nice :)


  1. I apologise for the entire male race for playing these 'relationship games". How dare we when women are so logical and straight forward!
    Please forgive us,

  2. I think the guys act the way they do not just because of fear or insecurity, but because they don't want to create an impression that all they want from girl is to sleep with her. It may seem irrational to you if the guy doesn't call you the next day, but it doesn't necessarily means he doesn't have balls, maybe he doesn't want the girl to think that the things are moving too fast.

  3. Why, u guys can't be upfront that u want a one night stand or just sex, if girl is up for it, good for you, if not- too bad, but no stupid games!!!