Monday, 10 June 2013

Koh Phangan

I'm on a new island now of Ko Phangan, considered to be a party island. It has the world famous full moon party which attracts sometimes 100,000 people. After that party became famous, Ko Phangan smartened up, and now it hosts, half moon party, black moon party, pool party, Shiva party, waterfall party etc etc ... any day that you want to party, there'll be something going on. I went to a resort which was advertised near the boat pier. It's nice, but a little bit far from the center (all extra 5 minutes walk!), but at least it has a swimming pool with a view to the ocean and a beach.
It's so quite. There are no people neither on the streets, nor on the beach, not in the restaurants ... where is everybody?? I find out that Ko Phangan is like a wave, all the hotels are booked and double the price a week before the full moon party, 2 days later, the island goes quite. Maybe I'll go to Ko Tao, and then will come back?
I'm in a mind state right now of "If I can, why can't they?", and I'm talking about anything, but now in particular I'm analyzing why people are shy. Why can't they dance when nobody dances, why can't they approach anybody. Sometimes I would just sit by myself and observe my surroundings. I can see people looking, but why nobody would come and say hi? I would approach them and start talking, and everybody is friendly and talkative, they show interest in friendship, but why wouldn't they come and say hi? Sometimes I give up and think that if they don't have the guts to do it, it's their problem. Yesterday some guy approached me and asked me how is this resort near which I was lying on the beach, I said I don't know, I'm just lying on the beach ... bad pick up line! Today there were a few people around me, but nobody did anything. One guy near me was on his own. I was reading a book, looking around and looking at him looking at me. I got up and walked along the beach (I love the feeling of crashing waves on my feet). On my way back, he got up looking like he was going for a swim (I thought to myself, not another one! Just making excuses to start a conversation, as in Ooops, I bumped into you on purpose), but nope, he walked right towards me, and said "Hi, what's your name?", finally someone normal!! We talked for some time, he's from Israel, I think my opinion about Israelis is changing back :)
Ofer and I went to a restaurant for dinner, he's also a software developer and we had some IT discussions, something that I didn't have in a year now :) While working it's like, "Can we change the subject?", but now, it's more like "How interesting, do tell me more!" :) We then went to a bar on the beach. It was fun at first, we played games, tied balloons to our feet and had to pop them from others. I only lasted 1 round, and mostly by running away from people :) Then there was arm wrestling, and I won 3 times against 3 different girls and got a free drink :) then I skipped a fire rope (spooky!), and threw darts to pop balloons, but didn't pop any, instead I was always hitting the label which said "free sex" :) By the time we stopped playing, all the people were super drunk and I lost my interest and went home. Not on the beach though with the waves crashing on my feet, cause I wouldn't know the ratio of water/pee in it, since all the guys go to washroom right on the beach!
Ofer and I agreed to meet in the morning, hire a bike and go around the island. The road was beautiful, we found a beautiful beach with an island connected to the shore by a sand bridge. Then we went to a waterfall, hiked up to a view point and swam in the natural pool. On the way back I drove, cause his driving made me a bit scared. The road back was up the mountain with sharp turns. I asked him later if he got scared, and he said no that I'm a very good driver! Always nice to hear it from a man :)
In the evening we went to the biggest pool party in Thailand, but instead we sat on the beach and discussed O(1) complexity search algorithms :) A dog was running around us and digging up crabs, he dug one and the crab run in our direction. Ofer jumped up like from fire, I thought it's because the dog can run into us, but no, he got scared of the crab ... a tiny little crab. I love crabs, I could catch them, put them on my arm and let them run around, especially the small ones, but Ofer said that they're disgusting... how so? Then I thought, crabs are ok, but what about cockroaches, why are they disgusting to me? They don't do anything, just as innocent as crabs. Is it because they can get into our house and the companies that invented Reed made them disgusting and evil creatures to sell their products better? I should catch a cockroach and put it on my hand to run around :)
Something was wrong and I could feel it, Ofer didn't talk much at all. We met the next morning and he said that he really likes me, I'm beautiful, smart and funny and unfortunately I don't feel the same way about him and so we cannot hang around together anymore :( I wish guys could see beyond that point ... anyway, I was glad he told me. Extra points for courage!
I got sick :( I don't like that while travelling, cause you never know what kind of bug it is, and especially not after I finished reading the book about the end of the world when all the people died off from some disease. I didn't do anything that day and went to bed at 7. I don't know when I stopped coughing so that I finally fell asleep, maybe after I took a dose of propolis, which all my life I took with milk, but with shortage of milk, I actually discovered that it goes much better with water. I woke up at 12, and it was raining non stop, got out to lunch at 4, it only stopped raining around 6, and then I sat at the cafe and watched friends till 1 am - episodes that I miraculously missed in Vang Vieng! I could not believe it!!
In the morning it rained heavily again, but then it stopped and the clouds gave way to the sun :) I went to the beach, but it was dirty and when I was approaching it, I could not believe my eyes ... are those waves?? It's so quiet in here that the Gulf of Thailand seems like a lake. I got a massage, it was gooood :) Though she knew what she was doing, and was really feeling it, she did different amounts of strokes on both sides. On one side she did 9, when on the other 18! Still she was good, one of my favourites!
Went out at night cause I got tired of being on my own these past few days, lying around, feeling sick and doing nothing, so I went to a party. Saw Ofer there, and started having second thoughts ... maybe I should see what it's going to be like, so I approached him, and so far so good. Maybe not completely my type, but maybe I should enlarge "my type" horizons, at least that's what I'm telling everybody to do! :) We talk about cars, nuclear reactors, why a whale shark is considered to be a shark ... no wonder I don't hang around girls much, I guess I don't find conversations about nail polish that exciting :)
Those parties are great, cause there are games, and you win drinks, so I shot a basketball through a hoop and put a dart through a balloon, and got 2 free vodka sprites :) Jumped some burning rope again, this time I got much better and much less scared :) I'm getting just a little tired of these parties because they always play the same music! Why is that? The music is really good, no doubt about it, but not when you hear it 10 times a day! If they run out of recent music, why can't they play last year's hits, they're good too!
We only woke up at 1, and couldn't do anything fun cause it was too late, so we just hung out on the beach ... again!! But no more beaches, that's it! Tomorrow we'll go to archery, 2 other beaches, waterfall, maybe see a sunset from the other side, do some muy tai class, yoga class and enter a wipe-out competition! It's time to have some fun! :)
Wanted to go to a bottle beach (again!), the road for the most part was a dirt track, I love it! :) We reached another beach, it looks like ours, but much more quite, and both of us soon got bored. We went to eat in a restaurant with very outgoing owner, I had a very good meal of tiger prawns in tamarinds sauce. I eat regular food most of the time, but once a week, I go to a nice restaurant to treat myself :) While eating we were playing that tower game where you have to pull the blocks out and put them on the top. Man, that was intense! I could barely breath, and had a nervous laugh. What an adrenaline rush! An adrenaline rush over a tower game??? I really need to get out and do stuff! :) We didn't reach the bottle beach because the owner told us that the road is very bad, only 4X4 should go there. It's vertical down with not much to stop your fall. Then we saw a very non impressive waterfall, and since we had time, we went to a bar for a sun set view point. The drinks were very overpriced and there was no sunset, too many clouds ... not much luck today :( Did I mention that I lost the tower game? ;)
Yet another party, "same same but different" is a very common saying in here, except this one was "same same and same", and again we went to sleep late. The plan to wake up at 9:30 didn't work out, and I barely opened my eyes up at 1 :) We drove to archery, it was fun!!! Except that my eyes or arms are wrong or something. It's more comfortable for me to hold the bow with my left hand and the arrow with my right. In this case, I should aim with my right eye, but I aim with my left. The guy tried to do correct calibration, but still it didn't work too well, I had to aim much more on the right side, since the arrow always flew left. But still, I managed to get more points, even from a guy who went to the army and who shoots a gun quite well. Then we went to a wipe out obstacle course on the lake. You swing on the rope, then swim and get on a raft, then you have to jump across a doughnut like inflatable thing onto the trampoline, then swim to a tower, climb up to the top, and slide down into the water, climb up to the monkey bars, jump into water, then jump through 3 rotating drums, and swim to finish line.
The rope was fun, but I fell in the middle of the doughnut, and didn't know how to get out, so I swam underneath it, the tower was ok, and the slide was awesome! Monkey bars were difficult, I couldn't do one arm then another. Always had to do, right, left together with the right. The drums got me scared, you should just jump through them so they won't have a chance to rotate, but I tried to stop and stabilize, of course it's at that moment that they rotated and I flew into the water. This was so difficult, I was trying to catch my breath for good 10 minutes after that. Ofer finished in 5:55 mins, I finished in 5:25. After 2 hours of relaxation and lunch, we decided to do it again with some improvement strategies. We both got by a minute better! But I want to come back and do it perfectly! :) But now it's 4 hours later, and I still don't have any energy :) At least I'll sleep well tonight :)
I'm still in my sports deprived mood and next day we signed up for yoga and mui tai boxing class. These classes are more expensive than in Canada, I guess out of lack of competition, but it's affordable to do once in a while. Yoga was nice, although I know all the moves and poses and can do it very well on my own, I still like to take classes, especially with an interactive teacher who can stretch you more than you would possibly like to stretch on your own. Hard to stay in a zen mode when you're constantly being bitten by mosquitoes :S Next was mui tai. The instructor was ok, he told us to do a bunch of moves, but he didn't really explain how to do them properly. I have martial arts background, so I was fine, but I always wanted to correct Ofer's moves, when the instructor should've done so. But nevertheless he had a bunch of stamina, and told us to kick and punch till we had to wring our shirts out from too much sweat :)
If you think that was enough activities, we signed up for diving the next day. No party again because the pick up was already at 7:30. Diving was nice, especially the first dive. The reef was very alive with colorful corals and many different schools of fish. Once we were surrounded by all sides by yellow snappers and barracudas and some other fish that we were in kind of a fish bubble. You can't see not the bottom, not the sky, not the sides. Other than that we saw an eel, a lobster, a big jelly fish which was very cool, and we swam up and down through a tunnel. No wale sharks though :( After such diving, it gets harder and harder to order sea food in restaurants, especially the beautiful fish. Imagine the boat going into the sea, spreading the net, and the whole school of beautiful red snappers is gone, and I wonder how diving was before the commercial large scale fishing started.
We went to sleep at 10, and at 12pm I'm jumping out of bed, "Shit, I'm supposed to pick up Penny at the pier!". Her boat was late though, so then I wasn't :) With Ofer, we could just lie on the beach and talk, but with Penny, I put the towel down, looked at her, seriously, are we just gonna lie around? Well that doesn't sound like fun! :) We grabbed a volleyball, and soon were playing for 4 hours straight with 10 guys. None of them are cute :( I only messed up about 50% of the shots, so it wasn't too bad :) We then bought a "Half moon party" shirts and went into the jungle for the party. In the Jeep with 6 more people, Penny was talking to herself all the way ... man I missed her! :)
I wasn't too impressed with the party though. The entry was $17, plus $7 to get there and back. There was only one DJ stage who played the same tins tins tins music. Everybody was drunk out of their minds. I was dancing and I just don't get ... why is this fun? I was trying to look at other people. Are they having fun? People were stumbling from side to side, carrying each other, some were going to the washroom right in the middle of the road, others were negotiating to have sex with Thai prostitutes for $17 in the bushes.
Maybe you should go to those parties with a bunch of friends and maybe try to hook up with someone, but with a temp bf I can dance in my own room to the music that I actually like. We came home at 5am, woke up at 12, and I'm sleepy all day long, which brings up the question again ... where is the fun?
Our last day together with Ofer, and both of us are not too talkative. We went to the best spa to get a massage, I'm relaxed, soft, smooth, smelling like coconut and much more cuddly :)
I hate goodbyes! 


  1. Yana

    Thanks for another great and interesting adventure.


  2. да, похоже, ты соскучилась по работе, если обсуждаешь алгоритмы на пляже :) может, попробуешь поработать чуть-чуть для разнообразия жизни?:)

    а что это на руке у тебя намотано на фотографии, где ты стреляешь из лука (или арбалета)? а на нем что? лазерный прицел?:) вчера как раз по тв фильм показывали, где стреляли из арбалета с лазерным прицелом по колесам автомобиля. я тут же вспомнила эту фотографию, и Сережка сказал, что Яна бы точно попала:)

  3. Another very action packed episode. You had so much fun. Oh and Jenga is the block game . Anyway.. you didn't seem too unhappy when we said goodbye - thanks! No sad face there lol!!