Monday, 3 June 2013

Koh Samui

The transfer to Koh Samui was way too long, from 8am till 7:30pm :S The shared taxi person had no idea where I needed to go. I had a feeling that we made a huge circle around the island before he finally called the hotel and dropped me off.
Barely ate anything that day, went out just to find out that I have no energy to move and ordered a nutella/banana pancake from the street stall. Finally I slept for 12 hours, but still I feel tired. I don't know why I'm so tired lately? Maybe because I'm dehydrated, maybe because I'm missing some nutrients in my body, or some hormones are inactive ;)
There is no electricity, and most of the shops and restaurants were closed. I'm super hungry and can't find anything that's open, the streets are deserted from social and economical life. I went to the beach to hopefully find some beach vendors, but still no luck. The beach is supposed to be the most beautiful on Ko Samui, but I'm not impressed. The beach is narrow, dirty and some recent storm brought a lot of debris to it. I walked for a good kilometer until I found a sign of life. It was a big restaurant on the beach, and despite unrealistic prices, I finally decided to have breakfast. It was good though, but not something that I'm willing to pay every day. For vacation it's fine, but for travelling it's a bit too much. Ko Samui is not build for backpackers anyway, it's a more posh island. There was a pool there, and it happened to be free for all, and I spent the entire afternoon lying on the sun bed, swimming in the pool which looked much more attractive to me than the ocean, reading a book, and giving "what the hell" looks to the very loud Israelis who were shouting across the pool to each other and misbehaving in general. One girl approached me and asked me if I'm alone, and if I want to join her and her friends. I didn't mind at all, since I missed some company. These guys are from Israel too, but unlike the other ones, these ones are gentlemen and very well behaved. Apparently they were giving the "what the hell" looks to the other guys as well, and said that guys like that give Israelis bad reputation.
I came back to the hotel at 6 and went to sleep, 2 hours I slept great, then I woke up when all the lights went on. Electricity's back!! It's been 3 days with no electricity, I think they were connecting Ko Samui to the main land, and the electricity came on for only 2 hours per day, giving hotels the chance to recharge their generators, which then they spent on putting on a party and leaving nothing for the rooms. These "smart" places made lots of money in these days, since all of the tourists of Ko Samui sniffed the few places which had a pulse.
Went to a night club, my first one in a long time, music was good, just the way I like it, I have the 3 Israeli guys around me who take care of me and give me a new drink when the other one is still a third full. I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable to be treated like that ... why are they doing it? 1 is married, the other one is engaged, and they're leaving in 2 days, why spent so much money? We danced till 3:30, then went to a burger king for a mid night snack and then to their pool for a chat. They brought everything they had from their room and we had a big celebration. For some other reason they gave me all the candies and chocolates and the "best gum" in the world, and now this huge bag sits in my room tempting me :)
Barely got up at 12, and every time (which is not often at all), I realize why I don't like to drink. Who likes to feel that way? I'm happy and social without any alcohol anyway. I made myself do 400 sit-ups and 20 push-ups to counterbalance the last night and felt a little bit better about myself. Had breakfast near my hotel because I knew if I'll see them, they wouldn't let me pay for it either.
I'm feeling excellent today, one guy gave me a business idea, I'm having a good time with them, and when I'm walking on the street to get there, everyone seems to notice. Random people are talking to me, approaching me, and that's exactly why I'm believing in the power of attraction. Like attracts like, and people don't usually want to speak to someone who's grumpy. At the pool, my guys met 2 more guys and then 2 more guys, and I'm feeling like a snow white and the seven dwarfs. 1 is a dj, 3 are business men, 1 is a lawyer, the other one is an Italian racing champion.
"Yana, what do you want to drink?"
"Yana, do you want corn?"
"Yana, are you hungry"?
"Yana, don't tell me you don't know, tell me what you want to drink"
Where do guys like that come from??
One guy approached me while I was dancing.
"Why aren't you talking to me?" he asks me,
"Cause I don't know you".
"Don't you think I'm good looking?"
 ... um ... "You're ok, but what's your point?".
We talk for a few minutes, and he tells me to move in live with him. "What? You don't even know my name", "That's not important" he tells me, "All I need to know is in your eyes".
There is an ocean 10 meters away, I'm looking at it, but can't get out of the pool. I think I spent 3 hours in the pool without getting out, well, sometimes, only for an occasional dance :)
There are people walking on the beach with pet iguanas and monkeys to take pictures with them. They're so cute, and I want to pet them, hold then, hug them and never let go, but I'm just looking and shaking my head in a "no". With these animals most likely, the mother has been killed and the baby is held in a small cage all his life. Then when he grows older and shows some instinctual animal behavior, he's beaten, and if that doesn't help, just abandoned somewhere on his own, left as a prey for wild animals, cause he doesn't know how to gather food and protect himself. Maybe they should be sleeping, but they're constantly kept awake and subject to sharp lights of camera flashes. Maybe they should be in the shade during the day and not in a 35 degree heat. Do you know that snakes die early if they put them on the shoulders for that classical shot, because their skin is getting worn out very quickly. I hope more people would have the same mindset as me.
I took a shower at their place cause my place doesn't have any water when there is no electricity, then I dressed and put make up on with a candle light and we went to a nice Italian restaurant for a goodbye dinner. They invited the 2 Italian guys and a couple who we just met in the pool 2 hours ago. They ordered so many appetizers that no one had any more space for the main course. They were all left half finished.
I've listened to so much Hebrew these past 2 days that now whole sentences are coming out of me, and every time I get a round of applause :) Maybe if I had a few more days I would switch completely to Hebrew, but no such luck :(
Back on the beach we met another guy who's a businessman and a chauvinist. Then he told us a few stories about girls and how it didn't work out and how much money he lost because of it, I didn't say anything, but I kept thinking, if you're thinking that way about women and if you live with fear of relationships and are a chauvinist, of course that's how things will turn out to be. The power of attraction comes to play again, you attract what you think!
We then said goodbye. I received a huge hug from all of them, and they told me it was a great pleasure :) Where do these guys come from??
I went up to my room on the 3rd floor in pitch black dark, feeling my way around the walls, and the stairs, then somehow found my door and a door knob. It was a bit spooky but fun! :)
Next day I found myself alone in the pool. Time to make new friends! I met the guy from yesterday who wanted to live with me. We spoke for an hour before he needed to go to the airport for his flight back home, in the beginning it was fun and interesting, he's very strange and different person, but after half an hour I started to get annoyed. It seemed like he tried to apply the general principles on "how to attract girls" on me, which have absolutely no connection with me. He tried to intimidate me, a good trick to impress a girl or make her interested, but I wasn't. In fact I don't remember the last time I was embarrassed or intimidated, that's all after my self analysis of why should I feel this way, and I haven't found a valid reason. I was happy that he had a flight and I only had to spend an hour with him. I should also come up with what to say if I'm no longer interested talking to the person without hurting his/her feelings. Any ideas?
Got back to the hotel at 10 and surprisingly I wasn't tired, so I got ready and went out. I got to the club which was still empty, it only fills up at 12, so I went back to the pool/bar which is always full. I met Daniel by accidentally taking his beach chair when he left for a drink, we quickly got talking and spent a fun night together. We agreed to meet the next day at 8.
I rented a bike to explore the island. It was so nice to get out and see something other than the main street and the pool (of course the pool is still amazing!), I climbed to one view point, saw a waterfall which wasn't too impressive, and then a very cool waterfall which was very impressive! It goes on and on for many levels, you can swim at any level (though I didn't bring a swimming suit :( ) and the views are spectacular! Then I stopped at one temple which had a mummified monk sitting there in a meditating pose with sunglasses on. Apparently when he died, his body didn't start to decompose, so his family decided to mummify him. Too bad I had to return so quickly because I don't like to drive in the dark in unknown areas.
I got ready to go out, I waited for half an hour but Daniel didn't come. Instead I met a girl, her friends and a guy who came to talk to me while I had dinner and we spent the night together. Too bad I didn't like the guy and he tried to impress me, but what can I do if he's just not my type. He asked me if I'd like to go around the island with him tomorrow, but I said that I'll probably sleep in cause I'm tired. I wish I could be more direct, or should I not?
I met Daniel before I was going to leave, he said that him and his friend got drunk in one bar and he just got back, will I see him tomorrow? I don't think so. People should appreciate each other and not make them wait, I think it's the first rule of hanging out with each other. I noticed that I wasn't even a little bit upset. If he's being an %#%^&^$ then why should I have a bad mood because of it, he's just not worth it. Makes me feel good that I don't feel bad :)
What would I've done without the Arc Bar swimming pool? I've been 7 days in Ko Samui, 6 of which I've spend in the swimming pool :) It's just that one place that made my stay amazing, without it, I would've probably left after 2 days.

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  1. You wanted to know why all the men wanted to chat you up well.... You have beautiful eyes and smile. You have interesting stories to tell, easy to talk to, and you are helpful in advise based upon your experiences. You like to do interesting stuff and join in on just about everything. You are honest, trustworthy and to the point. You are a leader and always have ideas on cool stuff to do. After reading your other post I can honestly say I'm happy to call you a friend and I hope we meet up again someday.

  2. ха, прикольный блог:) а я, как обычно, раньше посмотрела фотографии и подумала: ну да, Яна одна среди парней:) а как же иначе:) и да, иврит каким-то образом вытесняет все языки. я, когда учила иврит, даже цифры не могла вспомнить на английском:) моя подруга говорила: "иврит головного мозга":)

    меня всегда удивляло, как люди проводят свой отпуск в бассейне, когда рядом море!! оказывается, тебе это тоже свойственно:)