Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kuta & Nusa Lambongan

We went to the first guest house which comprised of cottages situated in a nice green garden full of palm trees and singing birds seeming to be miles away from the crazy Kuta alley traffic. In the evening went for a super nice restaurant in the most posh part of Kuta - the beachwalk, awesome food, awesome service, decor, location, price. People, start travelling and get the value for your money!
In the morning I decided to do some shopping, spent the whole day and bought nothing. Regular items are low quality, and good items are the same price as in Canada, so might as well buy them there when I'll get a job. I went to a very expensive massage, 75 mins, $30. It was recommended in lp that it got international awards, it's all male stuff and the name is translated to "dancing fingers". It was the best massage ever! So sensual, so good, I never got a massage like that before, the masseuse really understood the body, and definitely knows what women want :) Unfortunately not a lot of men do, and most rub women as though they're rubber dolls. All I know is if he was my type of man, I'd probably jump on him :) The massage was followed by the best shower, with gel, shampoo and conditioner that I wanted to eat!!! Too bad I'm on a budget and can't have that massage every day :(
After having breakfast on our veranda, we rented a scooter and went to better beaches. The beach in Kuta, the most touristic center of Bali, sucks! It's dirty, the sand and water is brown, and there are no views. We drove to a little cute beach, with crystal clear water, small cliff, but there were many people, and it rains all the time, so all the garbage is washed ashore. While driving, it seems that Bali is nothing but temples. There are temples every 50 meters, houses have temples inside, gates are built like temples, there are humongous statues everywhere, and people make offerings every morning. There are plates with flowers on motorbikes, cars, on sidewalks, on everything that's important to you, you put a plate on :) Then we drove to an important temple, the temple itself was alright, but its location is beautiful, right on a high cliff with waves pounding on it. I couldn't stop taking pictures, but I'm sure if mom was there, she wouldn't have been too happy, not that Kostya was happy either :) The temple as any other important temple is full of monkeys, these god damned adorable creatures. Since volunteering with them, they hold a high score on my list of respected animals. I tried to avoid them, while Kostya laughed why I'm so scared of them. That's until one of the alpha monkeys finally jumped on my head and stole my sunglasses. He bit them, angrily grrrr-ed at anybody who tried to take them away. Finally the monkey tamer stole my sun glassed in exchange for a banana and a few bank notes. Now my sunglasses are the most valuable item in my suitcase, with monster bites on them :)
On the way back it started raining. It always rains when we drive a scooter. Maybe if we won't drive a scooter it won't rain?
We don't like Kuta, it's too touristic, too much hussle, and we took a boat to a nearby island of Nusa Lembongan. We thought it would be a sparsely populated island, but when the boat was approaching we were welcomed by bungalow hills instead of tree hills. There isn't a dock for the boat, and they just stopped it near some stone walkway, used a wooden board between the boat and the walkway, and told people to get off in quiet times, when they didn't see the wave coming. Wow, what an exit. There were people on hills with a bunch of suitcases, I got my camera ready for the chance to be in America's funniest home videos show ... but no luck :(
Except the first disappointment, we rented a scooter, found ourselves on an isolated beach with a good restaurant and not another soul nearby. Kostya wanted to stay there, but I told him that I'll kill him out of boredom and we moved to another bungalow which I was eyeing right from our arrival. It's so beautiful, with a flowery garden, our room is on the 2nd floor with a balcony overlooking the garden and the crystal blue water. It's not a beach for swimming, but I feel in heaven. We drove around the island, it's much much bigger than we initially thought. I thought we'll be driving for 10-15 minutes, and we ended up driving for over an hour. That's it, beach time! We ended up on a dream beach. Oh man!! It is dreamy. It's a small, crescent white sand beach, with blue sea and double decker infinity pool. My heart was singing with joy! We finished with a dinner on a 2nd floor restauranat looking at a sunset. The sunsets last very long time in here, about half an hour! And on the rating list of the most beautiful sunsets, Indonesia wins hands down. On the drive back, on every intersection, without us asking, everyone who saw us, stopped and gave us directions. We fell asleep to the sound of geckos, crushing waves and the gentle breathe coming from the ocean.
We rented a kayak and went on our own to the mangrove forest. I took a peddle from Kostya and started to maneuver the kayak through it. Kostya didn't feel relaxed at all. He told me that it's the first time in his life where a woman is doing something physical while he's relaxing. I told him, that if I'll give him to do everything, how will I learn anything? And asked to leave his chauvinistic ideas back in Russia :)
We then went snorkeling to one of the best snorkeling sites on the island. We asked where it is and where pointed straight about 200 meters from the shore ... well that's kind of far. Kostya took the mask, swam about 50 meters, came back and said that there is nothing to see but grass. I took the mask and started kicking. Grass, more grass, seaweed farm, oh, a few star fishes started to pop up. I'm kinda far away from the shore :S Then white dead coral, nothing and more of nothing, suddenly a huge reef appears with colorful corals and too many fish to count even by type. Amazing! Too bad Kostya didn't make it ...



  1. Yana

    Nusa Lembongan sounds like a place to see.
    The pictures are beautiful.
    Thanks for another wonderful adventure.

    Ken and Pat

  2. я хочу на море!!!!!!!!!!!! В Nusa Lambongan так классно! ну хотя бы на недельку поваляться на песочке и ничего не делать!! а вы там сколько времени провели?

    хотя на рейлей по-моему не хуже. тебе что больше понравилось?

    а, что это, где ты в воде лежишь? типа бассейн, который прямо с морем соединяется?

    ну, у тебя и понятия о шовинизме!!! по-моему, очень даже правильные у Кости понятия о мужской и женской работе. я лично с ним согласна, что физическую работу мужчина должен брать на себя.

  3. Great pictures, and you are looking really relaxed and happy. Not too shabby in a bikini either woop woop!