Monday, 23 September 2013


We started seeing some nice scenery and our expectations grew high. We reached Munduk fairly early, considering the lack of directions and the condition of the up/down potholed roads. Found the first guesthouse with a window covering the whole wall, with a beautiful flower filled balcony, right on the edge on a huge valley with 2 mountains on the side. I couldn't stop smiling, which made price negotiations a little bit difficult :) I think every time I looked at the scenery, I was smiling, and I was waking up with a smile. How the nature could be so beautiful, and how do the tourists overlook it, is beyond my comprehension.
In the morning we went for a short waterfall hike, then we met some (probably the only) tourists on the way who had a map, and followed them down down to another waterfall. I was very worried for our hike back up, considering how much down we went and our lack of water, since we thought that we'll only go to 1 waterfall, but luckily the path went out straight to the road and we only had to walk steep 3 kms up it :S Considering my interest in walking uphill, I stopped the first local on a scooter, and asked him to give me a ride to the parking lot, I waved Kostya hello on the back of the bike, and then went back to rescue him :)
No more hikes for today, I'm tired. Instead we drove to botanical gardens which is a branch of botanical gardens in Bogor to which I couldn't get to for 2 day from Jakarta. We stopped at a beautiful view point of two lakes where I had a yummy lunch and looked in amazement at an Indonesian girl having her lunch facing the road and not the valley with the lakes. Botanical gardens were beautiful, big, green, organised, spotless, with no motorbikes allowed, no people, we almost had it all for ourselves. Too bad it's the rainy season and most of the flowers don't bloom.
I went to an important temple which was kinda boring and then it started to rain. I was all wet, I was cold, but I guess I'm used to it. Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped, and we stopped at the 2 lakes viewpoint again to enjoy the view of the angry clouds hovering above them.

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  1. Yana
    The view looks spectacular.
    Wish we could see it for ourselves..

    Ken and Pat