Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Beautiful road through mountains with rice fields, waterfalls, sea, black sand, amazing! Apparently it's on the most beautiful roads in whole of Indonesia! We arrived in Moni, a nice little village near the famous Kelimutu volcano. We went to sleep at 8:30, which wasn't too bad, cause we woke up at 4:30 just in case to see if the sky is clear, and yes it was! Lucky us!! Took a bike up the volcano, scary to go in night up a mountain. We arrived at a beautiful volcano with 3 lakes, too bad the 3rd one is on the other side. All 3 lakes are different colors. One is green, one is blue and the other one is black. They change without notice depending on the mineral composition of the water, and not long while ago, the black lake was red or even white. From one side, it's good to read LP to know where to go, on the other side when you get there, your expectations are high and you don't get much excitement. That's exactly what happened in Kelimutu :( I was very tired and fell asleep till the sun came up and lit the lakes (just shows how much excited I was!) LP is both a blessing and a curse.
Went to Jopu traditional village. It's nice to go where tourists don't go, but we didn't feel very comfortable, and nobody spoke any English. Kostya wants to buy ikat which is almost like a woven skirt that most of Flores wears. It's beautiful, woven with traditional designs of animals and flowers prints, it takes very long to make, but it's expensive about $50, which is not too much for natural paint, hand made thing that's done in 1 week minimum, but too much for a backpacker budget, and where would you wear it back home?
One guy found us. He invited us to come to his home, offered us coffee, tea and that's the first time when I tried betel. What a disgusting thing! You chew it, then add something else to it, and then some white powder and it becomes red, and you spit it out all the time like a camel. Apparently it makes teeth strong and healthy. It doesn't seem like that at all to look at red stained teeth of locals, I think they're just addicted. It's like sure a glass of red wine with dinner can be good for your health, but not when you drink bottle after a bottle.
Next day drove 2 hours back to Ende just as an excuse to drive on the beautiful road. We have to buy plane tickets out of Flores, and surprise surprise, foreign visa is not accepted as a method of payment. Thank god that we went to Ende which is a bigger town where we could find a travel agency and pay in cash!! Not only the engine was stopping randomly during the ride, but on the way back to Moni we got a flat tire. People tell us directions to a repair shop, others stop and give me a ride till whenever they can. Then 10 people were around helping us, driving somewhere to get the keys to try and repair the tire themselves. It was almost getting dark and finally we found a repair shop, fixed flat tire for $2, so expensive compared to 50 cents in Java valley :) The most amazing thing is that we were in the middle of nowhere, nobody speaks English, it's getting dark soon, and both of us weren't stressed out at all, not even a little bit :)
Woke up early because of the market that happened right outside our guest house. Beautiful market with colorful people, everyone wears their best cloths, which includes a home made ikat which tells of the status of a person.
Took a car to Maumere. Some driver found us and asked us if we're gonna go later, meanwhile we went to waterfalls and the market. When we got to the car, turned out that everyone was waiting for us for like 3 hours. We had no idea!! Obviously the driver wanted to make more money, so he made everybody wait. Maumere is such an ugly port city, not friendly people, the best restaurant is dirty beyond belief.
Woke up at 5, hopefully the flight will get out (fingers crossed). Security at the airport checked the bags with metal scanner. "What's that?" they asked me when it started beeping. "A laptop" I said, - oh ok... great security!
p.s. weather is Kuta is great! :) yes ... we're back here again! :S 5th time already!
I was supposed to go to Nepal after Indonesia, but grandma had a stroke in Ukraine and now is in coma, and there is nobody to look after her, so I'm flying to Ukraine for a month.
The Singapore airport is probably the largest, the most modern, the best airport I've ever seen. They have showers, free movies, butterfly gardens. Too bad I didn't have any time at all between my connection :( They almost didn't allow me to fly, because I carried a one way ticket. Why is it the airline's problem and not the country's problem? It's ok though, if they didn't let me fly in, I would've found an internet to book a flight out.
Turkish airways is awesome! Big, clean plane with hundreds of movies, tv shows, food menu, and I actually fell asleep, who knew that I only needed an inflatable pillow to fall asleep, and now that I write about it, I realise that I forgot it in a plane :(


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