Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Athens is weird. So many strange people, it seems like a ghetto. I read about it enough in the comments online, but seeing it myself is something completely different... like everyone's is a bum. Taxi driver wanted to charge me 5 euros to go 1km to the hostel, but after I told him that I'll walk, he was actually nice enough to explain me in detail how to get there on foot.
Athens, Athens, Athens ... haven't seen that many tourist in a while, and I don't understand why. There is nothing special here. Some ruins, but that's about it, they're just ruins. You can see most of them from the street, and they're all the same, columns and more columns. No details, no statues, barely any shapes, just columns. It's 30 degrees outside, and I'm sweating, but all the sights close at 3 because it's the winter season!!
I'm still tired due to my sickness. I'm second day in Athens and mostly I just lied on my bed in the hostel bored waiting for tomorrow to come so that I could get out of this hectic city!
Wow, I've never seen a port that big, I see just my gate, and it's E8, it means there are at least 7 more gates out there, where are they? on the opposite side of Athens??
Arrived on a nearby island of Aegina. There were no other backpackers on the boat, in fact I haven't seen any on the island, not many international tourists either, mostly Greek. I barely found a hotel, cause this is Europe and prices are crazy expensive! I figured that if I can't find anything, I'll just take an evening boat back to Athens. The cheapest hotel wanted 25Euro for a room, I told him that I can't pay more than 15. The hotel is completely empty, and of course he tried to help me saying that I can sleep in his bed for free, but then finally agreed to give me a room for 15, even that's too much. A boat to the island, a room, and I'm at my budget limit. I still haven't eaten anything yet, and didn't rent a scooter. A scooter is another 15 (compared to $2 in India!) so I had to skip on that idea.
Went for a lunch Greek style. Ordered grilled fish, and sat there for 3 hours slowly munching on it and listening to traditional life music. I don't know how Greeks are not all overweight. The food keeps coming and coming to their table and when they leave, the plates are all empty. I never even managed to finish just 1 plate. Speaking about Greek food, I remember it being my favourite since University exchange 10 years ago, but now I'm not feeling it at all :( Ukrainian food is amazing though :)
On the island lied on terrible beaches, right near the port with brown wet sand. Didn't even go into water cause it was all in seaweed, so the island didn't impress me at all. But it was still nice cause it was very relaxing. Barely any cars, barely any people, and small alleys with blooming flowers, oh, and cats of course :)
Next day I decided to get brave, hire a bicycle and ride 40kms around the island, but couldn't get up on time cause I was having a fight with the mosquitos till 5am who kept buzzing around my ear all night long. Even when they weren't buzzing, my head was buzzing already, so I only woke up at 10am after barely 5 hours of sleep. Took a bus to a little village and from there walked back to my town stopping for quick swims at the beaches that I found along the way.
Next went to north of Greece to Meteora. Wow, what a place! What all these tourists are doing in Athens I have no idea. Meteora is extremely beautiful with only handful of tourists. People, check trip advisor, and make sure you go to places that have 5 star ranking from 1000s of reviewers! There are huge boulders and on the very top of them the monks built monasteries. When you look at it either on pictures or in real life, it seems magical, unreal though from a fairy tale. Who knew that Greece has much more than the islands to offer?!

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